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INTERNATIONAL : « Five ways that ESG creates value »


INTERNATIONAL : ESG reporting gets an increasing attention from stakeholders such as investors, stock exchanges, regulators, and customers and society.

Reporting standards, such as the GRI, are setting an internationally recognized framework for ESG reporting.

In parallel, national bodies are defining minimum practices which combine guidelines a/o regulations.

The key challenging issue, regarding ESG, lies in the use of pertinaiting indicators that can highlight the real impact of your organization.

The bottom line may is : how transparent your organization wants to be ? Greenwaching temptation is never far away…

This McKinsey article attempts to establish the link between ESG commitments (and reporting) and the value creation.

However, your organization’s ESG positionning should derive from its core purpose (and soul), because the value creation is just the outcome of your organization’s purpose throughout the application of the organization’s business model and its strategy.

In addition, the value creation of an organization should be understood beyond its financial performance. In that respect, McKinsey article has a pure capitalistic approach, that one could dispute.

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